Barony Bordermarch


Chivalric Combat (heavy combat)

Our heavy fighters recreate the armored combat styles which were used from time immemorial until the proliferation of the personal firearm. We employ steel and leather armor, wood and metal shields, and rattan weapons, and fight for king, country, and honor. So, if tales of great clashing battles stir your soul, if the stories of Beowulf and Arthur's knights fill your thoughts, or if you seek a group of people who will take a hit and say, "Great, do it again!", contact the Knight Marshal, and check the Baronial Calendar for upcoming practices.


Chivalric Marshal:

Lord Conrad Kuehn, OSTB

is Knight Marshal of Barony Bordermarch since May, 2018. He organizes practices for armored, sword, shield, and other weapons combat.

He also enjoys the Guilds.

Fighter Practice

Location: Rogers Park, Dowlen Rd intersection at 6540 Gladys Ave, Beaumont

Time: 3:00 PM Sundays (unless rain)

If you are interested in Chivalric (armored) combat or Rapier (fencing) combat, fighters meet at Rogers Park, almost every Sunday, unless cancelled. Loaner gear is usually available. If it is your first time attending, please try to contact a marshal in advance so he or she can bring extra equipment. Wear comfortable clothes that cover your arms and legs and tennis shoes or boots.

HE Sir Simonn is Authorizing marshal for Chivalric combat.

Lord Zain Mountaingate is Authorizing marshal for Rapier combat.