Barony Bordermarch


Combat & Archery

Friday Activities

  • Inspections (Rapier and Chivalric), beginning at 9 am near the castle.
  • "Authorization Fest VI" 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Anyone needing an authorization for a specific combat discipline for both Ansteorra and Gleann Abhann. Meet in front of the castle. Download Authorization Fest info here
  • Viking High Persona Deed IV - Download information on how to participate in this event.
  • Torchlight Tournaments for both chivalric and rapier fighters (in front of the castle).
  • Full details of the scenarios for chivalric, rapier, youth fighting, as well as archery will be available in a Word document and PDF - please download/print the format of your choice and read all the details.
  • Download Chivalric Tournament Scenarios for War of the Rams V
  • Friday Rapier Tournaments:

    Greetings and good tidings to all,
    Her Excellency Melia does invite swashbucklers from near and far to come fight, play, show courtly grace, and compete for the prize of being Her First Rapier Champion! She will be watching as we spend our weekend in Valhalla, and taking note of those showing skill, honor, and service. Bear in mind that the Rapier Champion of Bordermarch has traditionally organized rapier activities at War of the Rams (no small responsibility), so the Baroness will not only be considering your ability to fight, but also to lead and inspire. Please also note there are new requirements for inspection of rapier mask/helm padding that we will be following.
    Lord Calvin Tittle, Rapier MiC

    TOKEN CHALLENGE TOURNAMENT – In honor of our Baroness who has a special fondness for peacocks, every rapier fighter participating in the Token Challenge Tournament will receive two feathery tokens with fighting styles which will include single sword, dagger, buckler, cloak, and case. Fighters may challenge any other fighter possessing tokens. Those who lose all of their tokens can obtain new tokens through service. Examples of people who may be able to give fighters tokens include royalty, and event workers. The fighter with the most lovely “feathers” will doubtless impress our resplendent Baroness.

    Back by popular demand…
    DON ARMAND'S PUMPKIN-CARVING EXTRAVAGANZA! - The Pumpkin Tourney rewards good point control by allowing a fighter who can stab the jack-o-lantern in the eyes, nose, or mouth to bring a dagger, buckler, cloak, case) to the field.

    THREE MUSKETEERS MELEE – In preparation for the Saturday Melees, fighters in teams of three will test their skill, not only in slaying their opponents, but in keeping their friends alive. We ask that all Dons and Masters of Defense please consider the hopes and dreams of those who aspire to be Musketeers. Please include at least one D'Artagnan (novice fighter) on your three-fighter teams!

Saturday Melees: Chivalric

This year War of the Rams will be a little different - once you've passed inspection you choose whether to fight for the early period gods or Christendom. People may be adjusted to even sides.

FIRST SCENARIO – CASTLE BATTLE - As the people gather to celebrate the harvest, the enemy attacks begin. This castle assault will be timed, with victory determined by which team takes the fort fastest. ATTACKERS get unlimited resurrections.

SECOND SCENARIO – SAVE THE PRIESTS - One side will begin inside the fort with the other outside behind the bridge. The defenders must get as many priests to the boats as possible. Priests continuously resurrect after each escape to earn more points, and are immune to archers, but may not be used as a human shield or carry more than a dagger.

THIRD SCENARIO - BRIDGE BATTLE - The fort is now burning to the ground! Three bridges will be in play. Archery in the 2nd and 4th rounds (just like Gulf Wars).

FOURTH SCENARIO - OPEN FIELD BATTLE with a twist! Now it's time to kill everyone and let the gods or god sort them out. This will be a resurrection battle with two towers. Archers can only fire from those towers. These will also serve as resurrection points.

FIFTH SCENARIO – Ragnapocalypse - THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH! Chivalry and royals inside the fort defend against a legion of single sword undead. The Chivalry join the walking dead upon death.

Saturday Melees: Rapier

Saturday, 10:00am – SNOWBALL TOURNEY - The “Snowball Tourney” will allow us to create three teams for the day. This allows us to have one team marshal while the other two teams fight. Later in the day, we will break up the team with the least points to join the top two teams. The commanders will be the unbeaten members of the teams.

FIRST SCENARIO – BOATS – Timed battle scenario for control of an item or items (key and chest).

SECOND SCENARIO – RAVINE – The Ravine behind Border Keep is a dangerous road our heroes must travel while they are beset by bandits and brigands at every turn. Whichever team manages to take and hold the Ravine for the longest will be declared victorious.

THIRD SCENARIO – CASTLE – Capture the Flag… but with SWORDS! This scenario will determine the overall winning team. The commander of this team will have won the day.

FOURTH SCENARIO – VALHALLA MELEE – While Chivalric fighters are facing “Ragnapocalypse”, Rapier fighter will also rise from the dead and do battle until exhaustion.


MOC Activities Planned for Saturday, TBA. These activities will include Youth Boffer Combat.

"Tournament of Youth" or Children's Champion

The Tournament of the Youth is split into 2 sections, Rapier And Chivalric. Children will make favors and bestow them on adult fighters who will fight for them. It is focused on around the lunch hour, so that fighters who want to participate can and still have time for melees.
This year the winning fighters will be recognized in court along with the children they founght for. The winning fighter will present a wooden sword or dagger to the child.


The archery field will be open for shooting on Friday from x until x and on Saturday from x until x. Archers may shoot once for score against each type of target. Targets will be available for both adult and youth shooting. Time and interest permitting, we will try to squeeze in a royal round.