Barony Bordermarch


Merchants and Taverns

We are pleased to host these exceptional merchants and taverns at War of the Rams VIII, 2019. Merchants' contributions of items for prize baskets and largesse are appreciated. Please attach your business card to the item/s you donate. Someone will come around to your shop to accept your donations. Thank you.


A NEMA TT-30 plug(115v 30amp RV plug) is necessary for merchants using electricity.

Dear Merchants: The Barony thanks you each for your contribution of a sample of your goods to Their Excellencies' largesse. If your item is ready Friday morning with your business name attached, someone will visit your booth to gather what you are contributing. Thank you very much!


Comfirmed vendors for 2019


  • Thy Hammered Biscuit - (HE Elisabeth de Montvert) - The Hammered Biscuit will be serving breakfast, lunch & dinner starting Thursday morning through Sunday lunch. Fresh home cooked meals that inspire the ambience of the renaissance era. Come by, say hello and sit awhile. We would love to reconnect to with old friends and make many new friends..
  • Mystik Oak Meadery - Some of the finest meads, wine and fruit wines Ansteorra has to offer. Come by for a tasting, glass or buy a bottle or two. Non-smoking Tavern.
  • Odyssey Coffee - (Ld. Dauid Mac Ahn Ghaill) - Best coffees and refreshments in the knowne world!


  • Briar Patch Garb - (Lady Kasinda)- Handmade garb and accessories. Alys pouches, jewelry and other new items. Credit cards accepted w/ID.
  • Munitions Grade Arms - (Master Eirik Dweorgaex) - Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Cuphilts, Thrusting Tips, some Armor
  • Three Pines Supply - (HL Jean-Michel & HL Marie de Meaux) - We carry a wide variety of goods. Handmade leather items including various sized pouches, leather mugs with metal inserts. We also have many small items that are often forgotten but needed such as scissors/nippers,
    lucets, naalbinding needles, needle cases, coifs, inkle trim, viking leg wraps with or without the tabs and more!
  • Darkwood Armory - (Sir Brian mac Brand, OL) - We sell Fencing supplies - rapiers, daggers, masks, gloves, tips - and jousting supplies - wood and cardboard lance setups - and armor for heavey, C&T, or crossover HEMA activities. We carry Guy Windsor's new training book, and lots of rapier odds.
  • Du Puy Creations - (HE Hugh du Puy) - Du Puy Creations,  builder of fine furniture for your home, court or camp. Thrones and chairs used in 8 baronies and by 4 kingdoms.
  • Needful Things - (Gisele de Bier and Genevieve Mac Kelum De Caen) - Come and see us for Fine furs, Jewelry, Clothing, Books, and delightful mundane coverings. We also have those little items you have discovered you forgot to pack.
  • Ancient Traditions - (Karen Goðreksdottir) - Ancient Traditions returns with new and vintage furs, feast gear, jewelry, journals, and just plain interesting items from throughout the knowne world. We strive to provide something for everyone. See us early for the best selection!
  • Maggie’s Chairs and More (Elspet Arbuthnoth) - Maggie’s has a new chair and some of the old ones too!  After 300 chairs we have a new Folding Glastonbury  chair.  Stools and looms too!  As always, a fair price for our SCA friends.   Come have a seat.
  • Wyrd Weaver - (Lady Eireann Hviturhrafn) - Nalbinded and woven goods, hats, mittens, shawls. And this year, a huge fabric destash!
  • Kassandra Creations - (HL Kassandra de Haas) - We offer hygiene products such as goat milk soaps, shower steamers, beard oil & balm, hand salve, solid lotions, lip balm, toothpaste tablets, toothbrushes and cases, shave kits & soap, mosquito repellent, and more, most of which is made by me
  • Hobbitronics - (Marion Nic Galen) - Fine garb from the heat of Rome to the cold of the Rus. We Have garb and accessories for all ages and fuzzy friends (Teddy bears for kids and kids at heart).
  • Read It Again Books - (Edwina Dirks Sterne) - We have a selection of used books on various times and places in period! This year some period cookbooks!!
  • Alia's Sweets and Treats - (Alianorra MacKkye) - Please join us in Read it Again Books for historically made Turkish Coffee and Baklava. Choose your custom label and purchase your Turkish Cup for bottomless refills (for 2 events). Baklava and pre-sweetened Turkish Coffee available for sale to take home with you.
  • Iron Cross Tailor (Rafe Von Norwald) - I sell handmade garb by me. From the 5x for those that want extra room person.
  • Phoenix Garb and Trim / Barb’s Garb - (Zaafira / Barbara Santangelo ) - Anglo-Saxon tunics for the whole family in cotton and linen.  Middle eastern garb and pants.  Surcoats in linen and brocades. Court Garb.  A selection of trim, necklaces, brooches, and earrings.  A selection of gifts and boxes, including some items picked up in Poland.
  • Today's Leather and Chain - (Redg the Leatherseller and Czina Angielczyka) - Sellers of leather and leather supplies: buckles, hides, and everything else you need to finish your project! We also sell finished goods and take commissions - or teach you how to make it yourself.
  • Calontir Trim - (Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis) - Trim, armor, metalwork, linen coifs
  • The Cracked Pot - (Mistress Oksana Goncharova) - The Cracked Pot features an array of period pottery made on my kick wheel. I also have cook pots for charocoal cooking. Leather tooled pouches and notebook covers will be available as well.
  • The Wandering Vagabond - (Laird Sean the Clanless) - Multiple Persona selling a variety of wares!  Chainmail of all sizes and metals, weapons both of “periods”, and mundane (18+ only please). Classes In  basic chainmail weaving given as asked for! 13 year experienced licensed and insured massage therapist giving Chair massage to ease your burdens and reduce your stress! Snacks and drinks provided for donations to “ The flip side sanctuary” ( farm and pet animal rescue! (All excess profits are donated as well!!)Sorry cash only at this time.
  • Bayou City Treasures - (David Emissario) - Fabric, Leather, Tapestries, Backpacks, Fans, Mugs & Cups, Metal Flasks, Jewelry, and other odds and ends.  Please remember to have a valid picture ID available if using credit cards.  Thank you for your patronage.  David Emissario

Merchants signed in as of 11/19/19 Noon (if you are not listed above and sent in a vendor app before this date, resend to Phocas at



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