Barony Bordermarch


Merchants and Taverns

We were pleased to host these exceptional merchants and taverns this year at War of the Rams VI.

A NEMA TT-30 plug(115v 30amp RV plug) is necessary for merchants using electricity.

4 Taverns

  • Odyssey Coffee (Ld. Dauid Mac Ahn Ghaill) - Best coffees and refreshments in the knowne world!
  • Two Swords (Duchess Antigone of York) - Two Swords serves a delightful variety of hot food and drinks. Take a break from all the excitement and visit us for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday. 10% of profits will be donated to the Kingdom Minister of Children’s fund.
  • Mystik Oak Meadery - Some of the finest meads, wine and fruit wines Ansteorra has to offer. Come by for a tasting, glass or buy a bottle or two. Non-smoking Tavern.

    22 Merchants
  • Briar Patch (Lady Kasinda)- Handmade garb and accessories. Linen garb, cloaks, jewelry, hand beaded snoods, and Alys leather pouches. Credit Cards accepted.
  • Bayou City Treasures (David Emissario) - Items for sale include Single & Double Tapestries, Bags, Backpacks, Fans, Mortar & Pestle Sets, Metal & Plastic Mugs & Cups, Metal Flasks, Antique Locks, Fans, Gloves, Jewelry, and other odds and ends. Thank you for your patronage. .
  • Wyrd Weaver - (Lady Eireann Hviturhrafn) Handmade Fiber Treasures Galore! Woven Belts & Trims, Naalbinded Hats, Mittens, & Socks, Hand Spun Yarns, And Many Other Treasures!
  • Calontir Trim (Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis) - Trim, armor, metalwork, linen coifs
  • Today's Leather and Chain (Redg the Leatherseller and Czina Angielczyka) - Sellers of leather and leather supplies: buckles, hides, and everything else you need to finish your project! We also sell finished goods and take commissions - or teach you how to make it yourself.
  • Ancient Traditions (Karen Goðreksdottir) - Ancient Traditions returns with new and vintage furs, feast gear, jewelry, journals, and just plain interesting items from throughout the knowne world. We strive to provide something for everyone. See us early for the best selection!
  • Needful Things (Gisele de Bier) - everything you need from fabric to fur
  • Asad's Silk Road Caravan (Sir Asad) - You will find ready-armor, furniture, clothing, fabrics, many other items traded on the Roads between China and Spain... and other wonderful things.
  • Darkwood Armory (Sir Brian mac Brand, OL) - Rapiers, daggers and fencing accessories - also stainless steel armor and gauntlets.
  • Iron Cross Tailor (Rafe Von Norwald) - I sell handmade garb by me. From the 5x for those that want extra room person.
  • All the Trimmings (THL Edrei the Quiet) - Medieval-style embellishments for that special finishing touch: buttons, brooches, trims, cloak clasps, Celtic wall hangings and bags, and miscellaneous
  • Thor's Wood And Antler (Thor McThoreson)- Handmade chairs - the most comfortable chairs made, bamboo drinking cups, rattan
  • Nichecraft (Lady Ellen) - Nichecraft offers lots of items that are useful to SCA folk: Hats, feastgear, garb, jewelry, books, and pouches, to mention a few. I have many one of a kind items.
  • Dragonby Studio (Cartivel) - Period pottery from Calcolithic period through Medieval, including Roman and Viking wares. Mugs, pitchers, lamps, cook pots, earthenware ovens, feast gear and growlers.
  • Phoenix Garb (Lady Saafira) - Period garb.
  • AriManna's Busy Bee Apothecary (Rosa de Armanno) - Indulge yourself with a full body or chair massage. Appointments fill up fast, stop in and schedule your session in advance to guarantee your spot. While there, check out our herbal products for sale..
  • Munitions Grade Arms (Master Eirik Dweorgaex) - Rattan, Fiberglass Spears, Cuphilts, Thrusting Tips, some Armor
  • Hobbitronics (Marion Nic Galen) - We Have garb and accessories for all ages and fuzzy friends (Teddy bears for kids and kids at heart).
  • Blackstone’s Bath & Boutique (Gabriel Blackstone) - We make some of the most creamiest, aromatic, and colorful all natural body soaps, hand lotions, and lip balms of the known world.
  • Read It Again Books (Edwina Dirks Sterne) - Used books covering our time period. Books on the history of England, Scotland, the Middle East, ancient Rome and Greece and various areas of Europe, a few period cookbooks of the Middle East. Also have odds and ends of costumes and jewelry.
  • Ayesha's Hats (Baroness Ayesha de Warwick) - Fur hats (mongle, rus), mugs and jewlery.
  • Watchtower Leather (Damian Celniker and Rystal Seir) - Leather armor sets, tunics, and more. We create period based clothing, and SCA legal armor for both Chivalric (Heavy) and Rapier (Light) combat. Work with us to create your dream out of Leather.
  • Three Pines Supply (Lord Jean-Michel & HL Marie de Meaux) - We carry a wide variety of goods.  Handmade leather goods including various sized pouches.  Leather mugs with metal inserts.  Many small items often forgotten and needed such as scissors/nippers, lucets, naalbinding needles, needle cases, coifs, inkle trim, viking leg wraps, cups covers and more!  We gladly take custom orders, so stop by and take a look!

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