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Lord Tiefang The Red A History of Court Jesters Lecture of Court Jesters through the ages including origins, famous jesters and a day in the life of a court jester. none 15-Oct 1 hr none Other - see comments
Lord Tiefang The Red Whos Line Doth It Be 1st Annual Improve show/class to be performed. 2 hour class, will run through some improve routines and then those who make the cut will perform for the audience. Be ready to make with the funny 12-Aug 2 hr none Age 13+


Mistress Willoc macMuiredaig Cooking Northern Pottages In this class, we will explore the grain pottages of the north - what constitutes a pottage, why they were important, and different methods of preparation. Participants will walk away with up to 4 shares of pottage to take back to their camp. Come prepared to cook over a fire. 12 2 hours $3 per share. Age 6+ with supervision
Countess Tessa Gardens Herb Vinegars and Oils This year we will be preparing and warming herbs to mix into various vinegars and or oils and bottling the combinations. These are good for salad dressing or meat marinades. We will "sample taste" your varieties by dipping lettuce leaves. Extra time for cooling your bottle may be needed before corking. Please wear kitchen-work clothes, an apron if you choose. 10 1 hour Small bottle (of your mix), $4. Smaller vial samples, $2 while they last. Age 13+
Mistress Willoc mac Muiredaig Outdoors Pies Come learn to bake pies - both savory and sweet - in camp. We will be using a variety of methods, from Roman testum to modern Dutch Ovens. Class fee is per person being fed from our results (up to 4 per participant). Working around fire, dress appropriately. Contact Willoc to reserve a space or discuss food allergies. 8 3 hours $5 Age 6+ with supervision
Olyeg the Qiet Pit Cooking: Pig in the Ground This class will cover the process of cooking food in a pit, firing the pit, heating rocks, adding wet material for steam, and covering the pit. None None One hour of lecture time preferably shortly after Mistress Willoc's breakfast class. None No age limit
Olyeg the Quiet Pit Cooking: Prepping the pit This class will cover cooking food in a pit in the ground. Who did it, how it was done, and history of the method. I will be digging and prepping the pit most of the day. None None 1 hour of scheduled lecture and questions None

European Dance

Isabella della Rosa o.p. European dance Friday night Ball Dance None Not limited 9-midnight None No age limit


Lady Jehanna de Montauban Bruise Salve: It's the Balm! Join me for a demonstration of how to make an herbal bruise balm. You will learn the basic techniques of making a balm, plus various herbal combinations that you may find useful. All participants will receive a small sample to take with them. N/A N/A 1 hour N/A No age limit


Baroness Jeanne-Marie la Verriere The Art of Being Judged - How to Survive and Enjoy A&S Competitions Artisans are frequently taught how to set up their display, how to write their documentation, how to do better research. What we are not taught is how to go through the judging process with positive results. Being judged can be emotionally charged, and physically stressful. This class will address potential fears and triggers, and give the competitor the tools needed to enjoy judged competitions. Students may bring note-taking materials, camara phones, etc. none 2 hours none - Handout may be printed out prior to class No age limit
Sewing and Costume
HL Osanna van der Linden Armscyths in Viking clothing Lecture and demo Yourself 15 1hour 2$ Age 13+
L Maherra d'Hexham and HE Narkissa Vladimirovna Basic Hand Sewing Hands-on. we will teach running, back, hem, prick, and whip stitches. 10 2 hours $1 Age 13+
HE Narkissa Vladimirovna ( Katya) Basic Universal Tunic Lecture class. Not a T tunic. This is a seamed tunic that can be made to any proportions. A basic knowledge of sewing is useful 10 1 hour None Age 13+
HL Elene Kirchenknopf German Pleatwork - Pattern darning through pleats. This class will be a hands on teaching how to pattern darn over pleats for German hemds, aprons, and shirts. None 10 1 hr $5 Age 13+
Maherra d'Haxham Sardinian Smocking Lecture with sample hands-on. An alternative to gathering to give fullness to garments. A patterned Smocking technique A knowledge of running stitch. Bring scissors if possible 5 1.5 hours None Age 13+
HE Narkissa Vladimirovna (Katya) Veils and Knots Lecture and hands-on. Learn how to keep your veil on and the possibilities of the Nordic look If you have a piece of linen you can tie around your head it will help 10 1 hour None Age 13+


Mistress Willoc macMuiredaig Dyeing with Cutch Come dye something in one of my favorite colors - cutch, which is a reddish-brown. This is a hands-on class. Everyone will walk away with a sample card. Bring up to 2 oz of your favorite fiber to add to the pot! Come prepared to work around fire. 12 1 hour Free to sample, $2 for a skein of of silk embroidery floss. Age 6+ with supervision
Mistress Charla Noel du Lac, OL, OP, CB Fiber Solar Come join us in the Fiber Solar from 10am to 4pm on Saturday. Bring your chair and your fiber project. We will be located at one end of the BFT. Chair and your fiber project (everything must be removed at 4pm) unlimited Saturday 10am to 4pm None Age 18+ (Adult)
HL Biatrichi Canzionari di Palermo Spinning on a spindle Hands on For beginners 5 1 hour None Age 13+


HL Osanna van der Linden Original Scroll design for the uninitiated Lecture Yourself 15 1 Hour 4$ for extensive hand out Age 9+ with instructor approval
HL Osanna van der Linden Shading techniques in gouache Hands on Some painting experience preferred but not required. 10 1 hour 5$ Age 13+

Middle Eastern Studies

Kaalos the Fugitive History of Arabic Toxicology A 101 lecture on toxicology in the Golden Age of the Middle East, with a run down on Greek and Indian influences, as well as how Arabia influenced the scientific development of Western Europe. 20 1 hour Age 13+
Biatrichi do Palermo Middle Eastern Drumming Learn how to play for the Hafla at BAM. Bring any drum you have but there will be some loaners. 10 1 hour None Age 13+
Mistress Rhiannon ferch Cian Props: Yes, No, Maybe. Open discussion of popular props for Middle Eastern Dance. In the SCA and their availability within our period. If you have different or fun items to dance with bring them with you. N/A 1 hour 0
Kaalos the Fugitive Kapalika: the counter-culture sages of India A 101 lecture on the history and philosophy of the Kapalika sect (which is the precursor to the modern-day Aghori sect) of Hinduism. 30 1 hour Age 13+


Kaalos the Fugitive Monster Encounters 101 Children’s class! Do you know how to talk your way out of getting eaten by Baba Yaga? Do you know why mermaids are dangerous? Is your house protected from fairies by a bwci? Whether monster-hunting or monster-wary, come join this important class and take notes! Lots of questions 30 1 hour Age 6+ with supervision