Barony Bordermarch


Thrown Weapons

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    The Barony of Bordermarch is proud to be hosting a full day of thrown weapons!  

    Open practice and weapons inspections will begin shortly after morning court. Open practice will be going on thought the day when tournaments are not going on and when marshals are available.  

    Throwers of all ages are welcome but youth (under the age of 18) will be require to have a legal guardian or parent present for all of their youth's throwing as per Kingdom rules.  

     Some loaner gear will be available but no axes are available at this time.   

     To read the Kingdom Thrown Weapons rules please go to   

    Schedule for TW field 

      • Practice after morning court till 3:30 when other tournaments are not happening-- 
      • Longest 2-handed axe toss: 10 am 
      • Knife Throwing Tournament: 11 am 
      • Bordermarch's Primer Thrown Weapons Champion Tournament: 1 pm-- 
      • A.X.E. 3:30 pm


      Longest 2-handed axe toss: 10 am 
      Channel your inner Viking and let the Dane axe fly!  
      This mini-tournament will require the throwers to stick a 28" handle or longer 2-handed axe, thrown with 2 hands at a round pine log target from increasing distances. The winner will be the Lord or Lady who can get an axe to stick from the longest distance. Consideration for using shorter handled axes will be given to youth throwers and throwers of shorter statue at the discretion of the main Marshall. No loaner gear provided.  

      Knife Throwing Tournament: 11 am
      Can you entertain the masses with your swift precision in thrown knives?  
      This mini-tournament will be mostly a test of skill but extra points are given for showmanship. Multiple targets will weed out the smooth talkers from the truly skilled. The top 3 scorers will move onto a final round where an apple will need to be hit off the head of my lovely assistant. Be careful not to hurt her! Loaner gear is available for this mini-tournament.   

      Bordermarch's Primer Thrown Weapons Champion Tournament: 1 pm--  
      This is the main event! Do you have what it takes to be Bordermarch's first TW Champion!?   
      From Meurik The Humble, Baron of Bordermarch
      “Our expectations for our TW Champion are simple and as follows: Sit as our champion for one year. Our events are free entry to you, so please attend WotR. You will be running the tournament at WotR. Process with us and stand as champion in our court. We are very proud of our champions and really enjoy building a strong relationship with you. Holding other championships while our champion is okay with us, but check with all parties first please. Have fun!! The champion can be a member of any Kingdom.” 

      The champion will be chosen by the Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch based off skill, sportsmanship, and ability to fulfill the rule for the next 2 years. The Champion will be expected to run the thrown weapons range at war of the rams for 2020 and 2021. If you wish to test your skill but are unable to fulfill the obligation please indicate this when signing up at the start of the tournament. The tournament will have thrown axes, knives and spears. Knives and spears are available to loan for this event.  

      A.X.E. 3:30 pm
      Do you think you know your way around a 1-handed throwing axe? Will bring your best trick shots.   
      This 1-handed axe throwing min-tournament is played much in the way H.O.R.S.E. is played in basketball. The first shooter will call a shot like "stand here and throw the axe offhanded and hit only the red ring on the target" if that thrower makes it then the next thrower will have to make it or get a letter. If you make the shot then you get to pick the location and style of the next toss. Once you have A.X.E. you are out of the tournament. Due to the nature of trick shots the marshals will have the right to veto any shots deemed to pose a high risk to safety. No loaner gear is available for this mini-tournament.