Barony Bordermarch



A tremendous "Thank You!" to all of our officers who are serving for our Barony Bordermarch!

All offices seek deputies or trainees. If you are so inclined, speak up please.

This webpage will be undergoing some updates. Please send your details to the webminister.

Please remember the web minister can impart only that which is provided. Web Minister

Barony Bodermarch

Baron of Bordermarch:

is HE Meurik the Humble, OSTB

Baroness of Bordermarch:

is HE Gabriella de Lacy, OSTB

His Excellency Meurik and Her Excellency Gabriella are representatives of the Crown for this populace.



Lord Nikolai Vladislav, OSTB

This officer is the legal representative for our group, receives all local officer reports, reports to Regional Seneschal, and presides over populace meetings.



Lord Edric Haldyn

is Exchequer (Treasurer) of Barony Bordermarch. This office is responsible for maintaining the bank account and for sharing information about the balance, assets, or transactions for the barony's coffers.


Silent Trumpet Pursuivant (Herald):

Lord Nikolai Vladislav, OSTB

is Herald for Barony Bordermarch.

Need help registering a name or device? Have other questions about heraldry in the SCA? This is who to ask!

Knight Marshal

Chivalric Marshal:

Lord Edric Haldyn

is Knight Marshal of Barony Bordermarch.

He organizes practices for armored, sword, shield, and other weapons combat.

Rapier Marshal

Rapier Marshal:

Taking Applications

is Rapier Marshal of Barony Bordermarch, assistant to the K Mar. He should be responsibile for meeting as scheduled weekly with combatants interested in rapier training and drills.

Authorizing Marshal

Authorizing Marshal:

Lord Zain Mountain-Gate, OSTB

is Authorizing marshal for Rapier.

He teaches, observes, tests, and authorizes rapier fighters locally or where ever he may travel within Ansteorra. He is always at BAM and Gulf Wars, however authorizations are best taken care of prior to those events.

Authorizing Marshal

Authorizing Marshal:

Count Sir Simonn of Amber Isle, OSTB

is Authorizing marshal for Chivalric.

He trains, instructs, tests, and authorizes chivalric fighters locally or where ever he travels within Ansteorra.

Archery Marshal

Archery Marshal:

Lady Tanne Haldyn

Watch the calendar for announced archery practices which meet at Tyrrell Park. 5595 Tyrrell Park Rd, Beaumont

Minister of Arts and Sciences


Lord Aki Seouf, OSTB

is Minister of Arts & Sciences for Barony Bordermarch.

Monthly communications and reporting to Regional MoAS tell of the remarkable research and crafting happening by the populace. He can help you research a topic of interst to you, just ask.



HE Santiago de Monte Verde, OSTB

is Barony Bordermarch's Chronicler.

Each newsletter is filled with his personal brand of humor! Everyone is welcomed to contribute items to the Trumpeter.



Lord Singe du Coffre, OSTB

is Barony Bordermarch's Hospitaler since Summer

She is your cheerful greeter at demos and meetings, offering SCA flyers and other info. She can help you borrow loaner garb as needed for an event or assist you in research for the culture you wish to portray.

Web Minister

Web Minister:

Lord Aron ulfr', OSTB

is Barony Bordermarch's Webminister.

incoming June 2018, with a support team including HE Countess Tessa, he gathers information and maintains this website. He is an experienced webmaster in other veunes.