Barony Bordermarch


Rapier Combat (light fighting)

SCA Rapier Combat is an effort to simulate civilian fighting methods of the 16th century. In our kingdom, we use a schlager blade, which is sturdier than the foils and epees used for sport fencing. Schlagers are also closer in weight to genuine 16th century rapiers. In addition to rapiers, SCA fighters can use daggers, bucklers, canes, cloaks, and other items that 16th century combatants used to improve their chances in a fight.

As noted, the rapier was a civilian weapon. It lacks the mass and stiffness to penetrate armor reliably. Participants in rapier combats are assumed to be wearing ordinary civilian clothing, despite the all-enclosing protective gear that we require. Our weapons are assumed to be sharp along their entire length, although their real edges are blunt and they have rubber covers over their tips. In SCA rapier combat, we simulate everything from formal duels to prize fights to swirling street brawls.

For information on times and locations of rapier (light fighting) practices, please see the Baronial Calenar.


Rapier Marshal:

Lord Tiefang the Red

is rapier marshal of Barony Bordermarch.